SV38V Whole Body Accelerometer

Product Description

The SV38V accelerometer uses MEMS technology for accurately measuring whole-body vibration. MEMS accelerometers have very high shock resistance, no DC offset effect, very low power consumption and a frequency response  down to DC level. The SV106 human vibration analyser from Svantek has multichannel inputs which allows simultaneous measurement using 2 tri-axial seat accelerometers where one of them is usually placed on the operator’s seat and the second either on the seat-rest or on the passenger’s seat. For the SEAT transmissibility measurements the small size SV 151 is placed on the vehicle floor in accordance to ISO2631-1. Mounting straps and brackets are provided with the sensors to suit most applications.

All accelerometers have built-in TEDS memory that stores information about the accelerometer sensitivity that is automatically transferred to the vibration analyser being used. A full ISO8041 in-situ calibration check for before and after measurement is possible using the SV111 portable vibration calibrator and dedicated adaptors.

The SV 38 uses an IEPE power supply and is compatible with most tri-axial vibration meters whereas the low-voltage SV 38V and SV 151 accelerometers are dedicated to work with our SV 106 instrument. The SV 38V and SV 151 consume much less energy than the SV 38 which extends the operating time of the instrument.

Datasheet: Download