SV150 Tool Mounted Accelerometer

Product Description

The SV 150 is a low cost tri-axial accelerometer based on MEMS transducer technology. It is designed to be used with the SV 106 human vibration analyser to provide a dedicated instrument for making measurements according to the requirements of ISO 8041:2005. The accelerometer can easily be attached to the handle of the vibrating tool being measured.

Calibration of the measurement setup (including the SV 150) can be done either using the accelerometer sensitivity written into the transducer’s TEDS memory or by using a vibration calibrator, such as the SV 111, and a SA 40 adapter (option).

The accelerometer is supplied with three different diameter fixing clamps to conveniently match the grip of the vibrating tool being measured. This solution is an excellent, more robust and lower cost alternative to a traditional piezo-electric accelerometer.


  • Designed for hand arm vibration measurement
  • Uses MEMS transducer technology
  • Tool mounted using adjustable clips
  • TEDS memory for automatic instrument calibration

Datasheet: Download