SV105A Accelerometer

Product Description

The SV 105A is a low cost triaxial hand-arm accelerometer based on MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) technology. It is designed for human vibration measurements performed
according to ISO 8041:2005. The accelerometer is ideally suited for with our SV 106 six channel analyser.

Calibration of the vibration measurement setup including the SV 105A can be done using the accelerometer sensitivity written into the TEDS memory or by using a vibration calibrator with a SA 105 adapter option. The SV 105A is supplied with three different shaped vibration contact
adapters; SA 150, SA 151 and SA 152 to perfectly match the grip of the tool or device on which vibration measurements are being taken. Each adapter includes an adjustable rubber strap for firm and comfortable attachment of the accelerometer to the operator’s hand. This solution means that the user doesn’t have to worry about holding the accelerometer in any specific way.

Thanks to its magnetic mounting, the SV 105A accelerometer can be quickly and easily attached to the vibration contact adapters and the SA 105 calibration adapter.

Datasheet: Download

Manual: Download