Noise Calibrators

Product Description

The accuracy of the acoustic calibrator you use to calibrate your instrument should match the class of the sound level meter: Class 1 or Class 2. A sound level meter is calibrated correctly only if the measurement error is within the allowed range of tolerance defined by the standards for the meter of a given class (defined by IEC 61672: 2002).

Unlike many others, the Svantek calibrators feature a robust housing that gives the comfort of a secure grip to the user. The interior design of our acoustic calibrators is based on the reference microphone and microprocessor controlled signal source including digital static pressure and temperature compensation. Due to the feedback regulation control loop our calibrators do not require any adjustments by the user and operate over a wide range of ambient temperature and humidity assuring excellent stability of the calibration levels and their frequency. Each acoustic calibrator is provided with a statement of the calibration which allows the user to be certain that their instruments will measure correctly


  • SV 35 & SV 33 class 1 sound calibrators meeting IEC 60942:2003
  • SV 34 class 2 sound calibrator meeting IEC 60942:2003
  • Frequency 1 kHz
  • 94 dB or 114 dB levels (SV 35)
  • 114 dB level (SV 33, SV 34)
  • Built-in reference microphone
  • Microphone presence detection (SV 35)
  • Built-in temperature and static pressure compensation
  • Automatic power on/off
  • Dimensions 65 x 65 x 70 mm
  • Robust housing

Datasheet: Download

Manual SV33: Download

Manual SV34: Download

Manual SV35: Download