Supervisor Software

Product Description

Supervisor is the ultimate software package for health and safety professionals who are measuring noise and vibration. It supports the full range of Svantek’s health and safety instrumentation which includes handheld sound level meters, bodily worn noise dosimeters and hand-arm and whole-body human vibration instruments.

Every instrument connected to Supervisor is remembered which enables the easy creation of instruments’ data base. Downloaded data files are assigned to a specific instrument by serial number which enables fast & easy data browsing. Additionally Supervisor gives the user intuitive tools for data organization by means of a folder-structured data base within the software. In practice this means there’s no more time-consuming data searching through your PC’s memory – the relevant data file can be quickly located and opened and a personalized report created.


  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Easy measurement database management and browsing
  • Convenient and fast report generation with templates
  • Powerful tools for data analysis
  • Easy installation including sample measurement files