Gilian 10i Sampling Pump

Product Description

Higher Flow Applications

The high flow capability of the Gilian 10i enables sampling capability for applications with flow rates between 5LPM and 10 LPM.

NiMH Memory-Free Battery

NiMH battery with quick-charge time in under 4 hours.
Eliminates shipping and disposal issues.

Programmable Functionality

Four stage program with repeat cycling
Allows scheduled sampling or intermittent duty cycles
Programmable delayed start

Intuitive Operation with Lock-out Feature

Simple four-button design makes pump easier to understand and operate.
Live Flow Display Large display continuously shows real-time flow, total sample time and total volume sampled.
Special flow control circuitry automatically compensates for changes in flow rate, back-pressure and temperature.

Intrinsically Safe Certified Certified

Intrinsically Safe for use in explosive environments.

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